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Lighter Than Air

Science & Flight Magazine

Welcome to LTA, where we take you on an exhilarating journey to unravel the thrilling stories and incredible discoveries that unfold high above the clouds.


Explore the awe-inspiring world of ballooning — from the daring pioneers of 1783 Paris to modern adventurers pushing the boundaries of spaceflight in contemporary balloons.

Airships | Blimps

Step back in time to the era of transatlantic luxury liners, then fast forward to the modern airship marvels and the exciting applications they bring.


From space-bound payloads to ballooning equipment, discover how breakthroughs in technology are revolutionizing the way we experience the wonders of buoyant flight.

Earth | Space

Delve into the groundbreaking discoveries facilitated by balloonists and scientific ballooning, unraveling the mysteries of our planet, its weather patterns, and the vast expanse of space.

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Science & Flight

Science & Flight

Embark on a thrilling journey through captivating tales and groundbreaking discoveries in the realm of Lighter than Air flight. Our digital platform celebrates human flight in balloons and airships, uncovering innovative scientific pursuits from past pioneers to modern visionaries shaping the skies.

Sitara Maruf, founder and editor of LTA – Science & Flight Magazine, is an award-winning science writer with over 20 years of experience in print and broadcast journalism. Holding an MA in broadcast journalism and public affairs and an MS in biochemistry, she has held significant roles such as serving as a medical science writer and press officer at the National Institutes of Health. She has also contributed as an intern and freelance producer at the British Broadcasting Corporation and reported for India Abroad. Sitara’s versatile skills extend to her roles as a producer, reporter, and anchor at WNVC-TV and as a communications director in a former governor’s office.

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