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Since 2015, LTA―Science & Flight Magazine has been a labor of love, conceptualized and maintained by me alone. Countless hours, steadfast dedication, and personal resources have been invested in making this webzine a modest collection of LTA knowledge and inspiration.
However, as we sail through the virtual skies of the Internet, we’ve reached a crossroads. To keep our virtual airship afloat and continue soaring to new heights, I’m turning to you, our cherished readers and captains. Your support will keep our spirits aloft and help us sustain our flight and further expand our horizons.

While we have tried our best to bring you compelling stories and valuable knowledge from the world of Lighter than Air, we acknowledge that there is a vast realm waiting to be explored within this fascinating field. Our aspiration is to broaden our coverage, offering a more comprehensive array of stories and in-depth information. Our goal is not only to educate and inspire but also to preserve the wonders of this field for future generations.

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